The festival of Rakhi and a symbol of friendship

As a child on holiday in Spain, I made a friend who gave me some bright red string to remember her by. I wore it till it wore out. But the memory lingers on many years later. The giving of the friendship bracelet was made popular in the 1970’s in South America though when I did aRead More

Best ski gear for beginner skiers

Surrounded by three-year-olds swish-swooshing around me with the ease and elegance of seasoned skiers, I was desperately struggling not to fall while my ski instructor was yelling “bend your knees”. By the end of my one-hour ski lesson the initial feeling of fear and frustration was gradually replaced with excitement. I have spent the rest of the afternoon practicing my snowploughRead More

Yonda Smart car is so smart, it thinks it is a London tour guide

GoYonda say they have come up with a novel way to tour London – a GPS enabled convertible Smart car that guides you through the city’s streets. Of course, there are plenty of tours around London, bus tours, boat tours, foot tours, self-guided apps, but I had never tried a talking car. So, I threw away theRead More

If you are searching for happiness you will find it in Denmark

It’s not every day I find myself raising an eyebrow in surprise. But it’s not every day the World Happiness Report is released. According to this annual report, Denmark has topped the happiest country league yet again. It has done so every year since the report’s inception in 2012 except one, when it was pipped to theRead More

The city of Hull UK Capital of Culture – Really?

Ok, I admit it. Even though I had never visited, I was one of those who was cynical when the city of Hull (full name Kingston upon Hull) was crowned UK Capital of Culture 2017. I was that incredulous that all I could think was – who did they bribe? As recently as 2015, a survey by the City CouncilRead More

Why New York is a great winter destination – just wrap up warmly

When I visited New York in December, I admit that despite thermals and layers, I was freezing. The cold temperatures – sometimes reaching lows of -2°C – were further blighted by biting Arctic winds. Yet streaming eyes, and a faced pinched by the frost did not deter me from enjoying an hour-long narrated horse and carriage ride around CentralRead More