Top 5 ICO Crowdfunding Success Stories

Top 5 ICOs Company/Project ICO Dates Type ICO – $ Raised Distribution Date Market Cap *** MobileGo 4/25/17-5/24/17 Tokens grant exposure to mobile gaming industry $53m 6/5/17 N/A Basic Attention Token 5/31/17 BAT improves efficiency of online advertising $35m 5/31/17 $182m Aeternity 4/3/17-4/6/17; 5/29/17-6/5/17 AE tokens power applications on next-gen blockchain platform $31m TBD N/ARead More


Working From Home Makes You Happier and ‘Massively’ More Productive, According to Science

Working from home has got a bad rap. Many people seem to think it’s a way to avoid hard work by getting out from under management’s watchful eyes. Indeed, few pundits seemed to object when Yahoo, IBM, and Aetna rolled back their work-from-home policies. Indeed, working from home seems like heresy if believe in the “collaborative, innovativeworkplace” idea, or (as I call it)Read More

These Are the 10 Most Expensive Google Keywords

We all know that it’s ridiculously expensive to live in San Francisco. Why? Because it’s an amazing place to live. Well, it can also be staggeringly expensive if you want to target certain keywords using AdWords, Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform. Why? Because certain keywords are super valuable. What is the Google AdWords equivalent of San Francisco? “Business Services.”Read More

LinkedIn Just Announced a New Mentor Matching Service (Here Are 5 Ways to Maximize It)

Yesterday evening, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner posted a link to an announcement made through TechCrunch. LinkedIn is rolling out a new service that will pair LinkedIn users with mentors. Pretty cool idea. The free service will match users looking for mentorship with potential mentors. Mentors and mentees will be able to select parameters for matching: Within your network, within your area, fromRead More