The city of Hull UK Capital of Culture – Really?

Ok, I admit it. Even though I had never visited, I was one of those who was cynical when the city of Hull (full name Kingston upon Hull) was crowned UK Capital of Culture 2017. I was that incredulous that all I could think was – who did they bribe? As recently as 2015, a survey by the City CouncilRead More

Could eating yogurt help treat depression?

A new study suggests that there may be an effective alternative to medication for the treatment of depression: probiotic bacteria found in yogurt. Researchers suggest that probiotic bacteria found in yogurt may help to treat depression. Researchers found that Lactobacillus – “friendly” bacteria present in live-cultured yogurt – reversed depressive-like behavior in mice by altering their gutRead More

Why New York is a great winter destination – just wrap up warmly

When I visited New York in December, I admit that despite thermals and layers, I was freezing. The cold temperatures – sometimes reaching lows of -2°C – were further blighted by biting Arctic winds. Yet streaming eyes, and a faced pinched by the frost did not deter me from enjoying an hour-long narrated horse and carriage ride around CentralRead More