Top 5 ICO Crowdfunding Success Stories

Top 5 ICOs Company/Project ICO Dates Type ICO – $ Raised Distribution Date Market Cap *** MobileGo 4/25/17-5/24/17 Tokens grant exposure to mobile gaming industry $53m 6/5/17 N/A Basic Attention Token 5/31/17 BAT improves efficiency of online advertising $35m 5/31/17 $182m Aeternity 4/3/17-4/6/17; 5/29/17-6/5/17 AE tokens power applications on next-gen blockchain platform $31m TBD N/ARead More


Nervous System May Hold Key to Weight Loss

People with higher levels of nerve activity may have an easier time losing weight, a small study suggests. Researchers looked at 42 overweight or obese people who took part in a 12-week weight-loss program that cut their daily calorie intake by 30 percent. The participants’ resting sympathetic nerve activity was measured at the start of theRead More

Doctors Can Be Powerful Allies in Obesity Fight

It’s time for doctors and nurses to take up arms against the sea of obesity, researchers involved in two studies reported. Sometimes it can be a simple as a doctor’s frank discussion with a patient. U.S. patients who had simply been told by their physicians that they were overweight or obese were more likely to haveRead More

Ancient and healthy: The science of laughter

We all laugh. Some may laugh more than others, but it is a unanimous human trait. It feels good and brings people together. Really, laughter needs no introduction, but what is it for? Laughter is a trait that we share with our distant cousins. We laugh at jokes (albeit not all jokes). We can alsoRead More

The festival of Rakhi and a symbol of friendship

As a child on holiday in Spain, I made a friend who gave me some bright red string to remember her by. I wore it till it wore out. But the memory lingers on many years later. The giving of the friendship bracelet was made popular in the 1970’s in South America though when I did aRead More

Best ski gear for beginner skiers

Surrounded by three-year-olds swish-swooshing around me with the ease and elegance of seasoned skiers, I was desperately struggling not to fall while my ski instructor was yelling “bend your knees”. By the end of my one-hour ski lesson the initial feeling of fear and frustration was gradually replaced with excitement. I have spent the rest of the afternoon practicing my snowploughRead More