‘Biggest Loser’ Sends Wrong Message on Weight Loss

The reality TV show “The Biggest Loser” sends patients an unhealthy and unrealistic message about weight loss, a researcher said here. The message that overweight people can and should lose significant amounts of weight in a short period of time is unhealthy and makes it seem that extreme dieting, plus hours of daily exercise, are what heavy peopleRead More

Fatty ‘Comfort’ Foods May Alter Brain’s Response to Sadness

“Eating fat seems to make us less vulnerable to sad emotions, even if we don’t know we’re eating fat,” said psychiatrist Dr. Lukas Van Oudenhove, co-author of a study that tracked people’s responses to sad and neutral experiences while fatty acids were inserted into their stomach. The food appeared to cause emotional and physical changes.Read More

4 Reasons Summer’s Actually the Best Time to Job Search

Oh sweet, sweet summertime. Chances are, it’s a time of year when your social schedule is packed. But, your professional life? Well, that seems a little slow. The office is quieter than usual, thanks to the various vacations your colleagues have planned. Your meetings often get moved from a stuffy conference room to a sunnyRead More

Potential new treatment found for ‘chemo brain’

Chemotherapy is the most commonly available form of cancer treatment, but its serious side effects are well-known. New research investigates the mechanism behind the cognitive impairment often associated with chemotherapy and offers new options for treating these adverse effects on the brain. Many patients undergoing chemotherapy report a decline in their cognitive abilities. New researchRead More